Writer’s Blqck

I remember this one. Lots of potential, lots of good ideas, completely unfinished. Hence the name. The Q in the title is probably just a consequence of naming tracks using a jog wheel on the mini disc recorder.

It was definitely going somewhere. The bass line is a peach and the hi hat patterns are lovely. I think that was the problem, it was just too lovely, too happy.

Neither of us are particularly angry. When you are creating music it tends to be a reflection of your state of mind and generally we were a couple of cheerful souls. This can be a bit frustrating when you want to create moody music with a slightly darker edge.

So, we just stopped development, recorded what we had done and broke it down into constituent parts at the end with a bit of improvisation. Again we thought we might reuse some of it when we got the sampler and again we never did.