Tan Ford

Every so often we would create something that soaked up our ideas then draw even more from us. They tend to be anthemic tracks that build, adding more and more layers interspersed with complex breaks until they climax into some kind of wall of sound. The track would get longer and longer as we jostled for our turn at the helm, adding breaks, twirls and flourishes. We would encourage the other when it was their turn, suggesting tweaks and variations. "Ooh yeah", "Do that!", "Do it again", "How about this?", "Mmmmm", "Oh aye" plus any number of other grunts, whoops, and squeaks could all be heard by anyone at the door.
This one isn't the longest but I think it certainly has the complexity of one of these tunes so is likely to be one of the first. We will meet another one of these called "Divide by 3" which really demonstrates what I am talking about. There may also be a few others before we get there.

Oh, and the title is another "Dirty Harry " reference.