Stick it

Um, okay, this requires a bit of explaining.

My brother and his mates started a band and they had all clubbed together to buy some gear. An Alesis QS6 if I remember correctly, microphone…

…and a shiny purple Yamaha A3000 sampler!

I was still unemployed at this point, living at my mum’s house with all our studio gear in my bedroom. By some quirk of fate, I can’t remember why exactly, all this lovely new gear had been left at our house. I don’t know why they weren’t using it themselves but here was an opportunity not to be missed.

I grabbed the first things that came to hand, a Lalo Schifrin compilation, a Jose Feliciano album I had just bought from a library sale, and the microphone and started stuffing things into the sampler.

Perhaps being unemployed and having to endure my own company for so long caused me to behave a bit daft and this was the expression of it. It’s mostly just figuring out what you can do with a sampler and having a bit of fun in the process.

The title and the “lyrics” are yet another Dirty Harry reference. It’s what you are supposed to do with a seven pointed suppository.