Spaceman Spiff Live at the Tay Hotel - 06-09-1997

We need to stop and go back a few months. About halfway through The other one with the picture and certainly before we got the Drumstation, we landed ourselves a couple of gigs.
The first was at the 1997 Glastonbelly Festival in Carnoustie. I can’t put a date on that. Maybe someone else can. In fact, I have so little recollection of that night I’m not even sure we did play. I know we played the previous year but I just don’t remember performing at this one.
We were chatting with David “Moe” Morris and he offered us a gig. He also needed a name. Calvin and Hobbes had been a staple of ours at that time so we went with Spaceman Spiff.
I have a memory of having to rush and create something for the live set. I don’t think we had much material to work with or recreate so we just wrote a whole batch of new stuff. The timelines are fuzzy and I am struggling to remember what happened when.

Meanwhile, in a tunnel in Paris…

Perhaps the mood of the nation that day helped soften opinions on the quality of the music. It's rough and lacks punch but somehow we got away with it. We learned some lessons that night. We do get much much better.

Thanks to Mitch for the recording.