Instant Gratification

Here we have the SR-16 coming into its own. We were just getting to grips with Cubase and had previously used the internal sequencer on the drum machine to write tracks. You can imagine how limited that was on such a small screen. Now we had the Atari ST controlling all the parameters of it through midi we were really able use it much more expressively.
This track also features the Korg Poly 800 mkII. This was our first analogue poly synth. It was a bit of a strange beast in that it was analogue but had no knobs and was programmed using multi function buttons (I hate multi function buttons but that is for another time).
This made it a bit of a bugger to programme. It was also designed as a keytar and required batteries to store the patches. I think it did have an internal battery but this had died some time previously. Anyway, if you took the batteries out it would lose all the stored patches and revert to random patches across all the memory banks. The settings were all over the place and some of the parameters were set to values you couldn't set manually. Some of these new patches were absolutely wicked and the whiny synth sound in this track is one of them.
Lastly this track includes the first appearance of the "drop down" method we use in a few other tracks, particularly 2 Root. More on that later.