Hot Mary

Love this one. We were trying to get Gavin's old Amiga back online and playing some samples for us. It was on the Amiga we started writing tunes together using breakbeats, the DX21, and some "2001: A Space Odyssey" samples. Pretty sure there was a crowd cheer in there too.
Anyway, we couldn't get it to playback properly and I think it only played a sample on every second note. So we gave up and just set it to loop the Albert Popwell sample at its own speed and filtered it through the Jen. Probably doesn't add much to the track but we liked to stick stuff on the start and end of tracks just for the hell of it. Some of them had meaning, some were a reference to the inspiration behind the track, and some were just daft.
Watch out for Gavin's awesome ad-libs on this track. One of our favoured techniques was to set the tune on a really long loop and let him tinkle away, recording everything. We could then pick the best stuff, tweak it and add it to the mix.