So, as promised, here is the other version of “Standard” which appeared on the previous disc. The acid line is still there but the rest of the track has been worked and reworked into something with a lot more polish and sheen.

Is it better or just different?

It’s really difficult to decide. They both have their merits. This version, I feel, is musically more rounded and has more depth but because of this feels a little less gritty.

I guess they don’t really have to be compared in that way. Lets just look at them as an example of how we took an idea and pushed it through to it’s conclusion. Sometimes we stopped at “Standard”. Others, we elevated to something more like this.

7:46 | 320Kbps | 44kHz

As I said previously, this track is paired with snare sloth, both in it’s starting point and in the source of the name. I am really struggling to figure out where we were coming from with the names. “Snare” is self explanatory. Why we were talking of sloths and pies is a complete mystery.

I really like this one. It’s not the best mix-down unfortunately. It also sounds like there’s a bit of a nod to Orbital’s “The Box” in there somewhere.

6:05 | 320Kbps | 44kHz

This and the next track are a bit of a twofer. I couldn't decide whether to have them as a single track in two parts or two separate ones. I have gone for two separate tracks.

The downside of this is we lose the smooth change over between them but I think they need to be seen as individual tracks in their own right. They both started from the same source material which was the hand programmed drums but went in different directions. I am sure we tried to make them work in a single track but I think the beauty and simplicity was lost and it just didn't work anyway.

1:15 | 320Kbps | 44kHz
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