I think this one really demonstrates our frustration with the drum sounds we had at the time. This could have been so much punchier. We could have used a synth to create a more banging kick and SH-101 was great at that. Unfortunately when you have very few synths and no means of multitracking you can't afford to lose a whole synth to a single drum sound.
Everything we wrote at the time was created by mixing down live to 2 channels. There were ways to multitrack and sync to midi back then but they were very expensive. I think ADAT was kicking about and I imagine hard disk recording was in its infancy but nothing like that was on our radar. I don't think we even had a multimbral synth which could have lightened the load. One synth, one sound.
So it must have been around this time we decided to get the Drumstation. The whole 909/808 thing was probably getting a bit tired by then but it was an inexpensive way to get some oomph into our tracks. Getting a sampler may have made more sense but they were not within our reach financially. A Drumstation was, and it had the potential to transform what we were making.