This is the first track we would class as definitive fenducci. It is the earliest work that fits into what would become "our sound". We did have other "sounds" but always came back to doing tracks in this mould.
Not quite as polished as later tracks but many of the elements are there. The Poly800 really shines in this one but I do remember it being a quite job to get it to do what we wanted. It would only make the exact sound we liked on the first notes played then drift into something not quite as nice. This required us to change the program on the synth whenever it wasn't playing and quickly change it back again. I don't think we knew how to do program changes over midi at that time or if we did it it didn't work doing it that way. We had to stand over the synth switching programs all the way through the recording. I think we had quite a few attempts at getting it down.

Akimbo? It's just a really nice word.