2Root (Deep & Hard Mix)

As I was saying previously this is the best example of the drop down technique we used to come up with different ideas. It came from what we called a 'happy accident'. We were probably just moving midi parts about and put them in the wrong place.
The midi parts are played by the sequencer on tracks that are assigned to midi channels; 16 for the drum machine, 1 the dx21, 2 the poly800 etc. Drums would be at the top, something to do with midi being serial rather than parallel. You wanted the rhythm section to come first to avoid timing issues. The drums would be separated into multiple tracks all assigned to 16.
What we would do is take all the midi parts and move them down one track. In effect each instrument was playing the notes of the preceding instrument. You could get some really interesting stuff from this that could be used in breakdowns and such. Where the drums became synths could really throw things in a new direction.
For this track I think we just took the whole of Root to Root except the kick and moved it down. That's it, I don't think we even bothered doing a new mix down going by the brutal volume of those hi hats.
We didn't do that to a whole track again but you can see how useful it was in producing new sounds and layers that we might not have thought of.
Happy accidents, while not being essential, were a useful and sometimes direction changing tool in our production process. There are a few more to come.